Dragons That Make Love to Pandas

What a crazy awesome band: http://dragonsthatmakelovetopandas.bandcamp.com/album/demos-or-some-o-dat-sweet-david-seaman
They cover a lot of ground in their small catalogue of songs. The vocals are pretty sick as well also


Awesome loop-induced instrumental math rock.

Young Philadelphia

Awesome and crazy math rock stuff, man.http://youngphiladelphia.bandcamp.com/album/yawn-philly

Neat Freak

Some really noisy, mathy post-hardcore for your enjoyment. GET MAD http://neatfreak.bandcamp.com/album/too-late .

A Lot Like Birds

If you haven’t heard this, hear it. Great song, great album, great band. Post-rock-hardcore. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htssX3j6Xjs&list=PLC03CC28095D81525

Light and Ladder

http://lightandladder.bandcamp.com/ What an incredible band. They have a folky vibe and amazing soft vocals, but they’re all math, baby.

Barely Awake – Mary Anne Kelly

The Italian four-piece Barely Awake’s single Mary Anne Kelly is an incredible track consisting of intricate, explosive instrumentation and epic vocals. Glad I heard from them, they’re a tremendous band, and their sound is somewhat reminiscent of The Mars Volta.

mOck – Components EP Review

Let me preface this review by saying that the Components EP is not only an important record for mOck, the band from which it was conceived, but simply an important record in general. mOck is a strange sounding band to begin, oozing with originality. This EP takes some enormous steps in an interesting and mesmerizing direction, and it’s a joy to listen to.

The previous, self-titled, album by the Berlin trio consisted of beautiful vocals and a plethora of looping riffs, repeating somewhat monotonously one after another. This formula was followed by most of the songs on the album. With this EP, they incorporate some of those elements – they still have those gorgeous vocals (and they are more refined now) – but the instrumentation is a lot more enjoyable. It’s more than just loops, it’s intricate patterns with frequent changes and dissonance. And, as stated before, it’s not only wonderful for mOck and their listeners but for new, unfamiliar, audiences; there’s nothing like this around. Components EP excels in everything the band’s releases did not and is just plain awesome.

mOck’s new EP is set to be released tomorrow. Check out their bandcamp here - http://mockmockmock.bandcamp.com/


Generally simple, yet encapsulating soft math rock with very pleasant vocals. http://mockmockmock.bandcamp.com/album/mock

Hannibal Montana

Great math rock/post rock band. http://hannibalmontana.bandcamp.com/album/28-20-ep