Review: Dirty Water EP by Black Dirty

            Black Dirty… let me just begin this review by saying I think they’re incredible. Their debut EP, Dirty Water EP, was released June 10th and shines bright as a star for the band’s future. Beautiful guitar work, delicately crafted vocals, and cool polyrhythmic bass and drums reign supreme in this four piece’s formula; it can be easily assessed as rock solid in nearly every aspect, with no facet falling flat.

            Tyler Brooks and Brandon Cohill work splendidly on guitar, creating complex tapping rhythms that encompass the sound of the band. Other methods are employed to conjure a rich sound that swallows the listener in a sea of mathematical waves. Brooks alone delivers pristine vocals to accompany the soft guitar, with none-too-menacing delicate singing. Steve Camisi puts the groove into it, his bass lines complementing Jerry Gambino’s polyrhythmic drum work in a fine manner. Overall, the band works together to fashion an unbreakable bond of marvelous sound.


            This review may be short, but that’s only because I’m trying to get a point across: Black Dirty is magnificent. Tapping rhythms, melodic vocals, and groovy jams to back it up, the stars have aligned to form this little gem of a band; the prospects look hopeful for the future.

You can get their album for free here

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